a unique DESIGN venture set up almost 4 years ago.


"Not strictly a tattoo artist, needle to skin, but rather a tattoo designer, Olivia draws up unique designs for customers from all corners of the globe to then take to their tattooist. She is a great example of the way millennial business is now grown from and even managed via social media. With over 100,000 Instagram followers, to date, Olivia-Fayne manages an incredibly successful business.


Her designs and aesthetic are typically very feminine, drawing influences from traditional mandala and henna designs, presentING a whole other niche of the increasingly popular tattoo trend.


Her unique style transcends further than just traditional ink on skin with collaborations in other mediums such as artwork, an upcoming homeware series and most recently with global temporary tattoo leaders, Flash Tattoos.

What began as a fledgling hobby, the company has since become a globally revered business with some of the industries leading brands amongst Olivia’s highest advocates for her burgeoning venture".

(Flash tattoos)